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Movavi Screen Capture Studio 11.0

Records, manages and edits screen videos
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The suite includes a screen recorder module and a non-linear editing package. It processes live videos and saves them in common formats like AVI and MP4. Open, cut, merge and rotate your videos. Add music and adjust colors, sharpness, contrast filters, etc.

There are tools to take snapshots of your screen, others to record any activity taking place on it, and others to record any feed coming via your webcam, and then there’s Movavi Screen Capture Studio. This tool combines all of these tasks in one single and intuitive application that will let you make HD 1080p video recordings, capture any streaming audio, produce tutorials, and perform nearly any other task that involves capturing what’s going on your PC screen.

The program comes in a trendy interface with nice pastel colors and a clear initial menu from where you can reach any of its four main functions, namely Record Screen, Edit Video, Record Microphone, and Record Webcam. When opening them for the first time, you’ll notice a certain delay, as if the program were installing the corresponding module on your PC at that precise time. Subsequent accesses to any of the options will be much more responsive.

Record Screen does precisely that – it will create videos (in a wide variety of codecs and quality levels) of anything that appears on your screen. It can be a streaming video from a video site, a tutorial explaining how an app works (cursor included if desired), or any other activity on your PC that you cannot record otherwise. As soon as you click on the stop button to finish the recording, the video will open in a trendy player where you can check your work and save it in the format of your choice, share it with others, or move it to the program’s video editor. The program’s built-in video editor is the same utility that the second menu option (Edit Video) opens when selected. This is a full-fledged editor with a smaller media player, a timeline-based multitrack editing board, the option to add filters and text to your video and images, etc.

The remaining two options are fairly simple and certainly very straightforward. Record Microphone will let you grab any streaming audio or any signal coming into your PC via an external microphone and save it as an MP3 file on your drives. Record Webcam will let you make recordings of yourself with or without audio and with the desired video quality. Of course, any of these other recordings can be later moved to the program’s editor for further enhancements or to be combined with other media streams.

Do not let Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s informal and colorful interface fool you – it is actually a high-quality screen capture and recording tool with pro-like features and engines that anyone can use thanks precisely to a simple and intuitive interface. Its price, however, does reflect what’s behind those lovely pastel colors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers HD 1080p quality for its video recordings
  • Supports a long list of video codecs and devices
  • Comes with a full-featured video editor


  • Saves audio as MP3 files only
  • It is a bit pricey
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